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A Proud Past. A Bright Future.

The foundation of Ron Bonvie’s passion for construction began with his grandfather Charles Bonvie who worked in Antiguish, Nova Scotia building lobster boats by hand. At the time, he noticed that most, if not all, of what the local lobstermen caught was being shipped down to Boston and that sparked his curiosity about the big city and what it could possibly offer him. Charles moved to Boston and immediately put his building skills to work becoming a general carpenter building houses in Cambridge.

That same skill for carpentry and building was then passed on to Ron’s father, Frank Bonvie. Frank, a member of the World War II Army Air Corps, was stationed in Arizona where he eventually became a union carpenter. Two years later, Frank moved back home to Massachusetts and remained in the Carpenter’s Union for 30 years, proudly building houses and working on commercial building projects in and around the Boston area for the remainder of his life.

Rooted in Strong Values.

Ron grew up in Mansfield, Massachusetts and, at a young age, knew that the passion for carpentry and construction was also in his blood. As a teenager, Ron proudly worked alongside his dad throughout the long, hot summers, and as a junior in high school, he was the only teen working as part of a framing crew on a major construction project in Norton. In 1973, as a senior in high school, Ron had the drive and determination to strike out on his own and actually built his first house at the young age of 18. Ron’s passion for construction paralleled his understanding that in order to truly be successful, education was the key. He believed that to be a great builder and developer, it was essential to have a greater understanding of all aspects of the construction business, and therefore, focused his college studies on construction law and engineering.

Today, with over 46 years of award-winning success within the construction industry, Ron has not only had the vision to create some of the most innovative and acclaimed lifestyle communities anywhere in Massachusetts, he can also proudly say that there is not one piece of construction equipment on any of his job sites that he cannot operate. It’s that down-to-earth, hands-on approach combined with a depth of knowledge and outstanding sense of integrity that truly sets Ron Bonvie apart as a builder and developer and sets the bar of Bonvie Living to higher standard.

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