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Winning Farm

Welcome Message from Ron Bonvie

Welcome to the Winning Homes information page of BonvieLiving.com’s website.  The purpose of this page is to provide background information on the neighborhood as well as the latest updates including architectural plans, site plan adjustments and related information.  We always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Letter to Town Meeting Members May 19, 2016

I want to provide you with some updated information regarding Articles # 1 and # 2 of the Special Town Meeting Warrant and our proposal for a twenty-six (26) unit age restricted community on the property known as Winning Farm. As you may know, this Special Town Meeting has been scheduled for Monday evening of June 6th and we look forward to the opportunity to appear before you that evening.

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Preliminary Site Plan

The proposed site plan for Winning Farm is designed to provide the most practical use of the land from both a homebuyer’s and developer’s perspective while making every effort to preserve the natural beauty of the area as much as possible.  While such factors as ground conditions (e.g. ledge) and contour of the land affect the final layout of the streets and homes, we will strive to ensure that those who live there will enjoy the site and the contiguous walking paths, etc.

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The information on this site plan is for information purposes only, is not to scale and is subject to change without notice.

Architectural Drawings

bsbThe proposed architectural plans, including front elevations and floor plans, are a “work in progress.”  We are including several iterations of the proposed plans.  BSB Design, the lead architect working on Winning Farm, is a national award winning architectural and site planning firm that has worked on many communities in New England including The Ledges and Mainstone in Winchester.

The information in these architectural drawings is for information purposes only, is not to scale and is subject to change without notice.

Winning Farm Economic Impact to the Town of Winchester

Winning Farm is a proposed age qualified private condominium development. As such, one member of each household must be 55 years of age or older and no resident may be under the age of majority, in Massachusetts, 21 years of age. All services of the development are private: road maintenance, trash removal, snow plowing are all expenses of the Condominium Association. Fire and safety are provided by the town. All revenues generated by the project are new sources for the Town and will serve as an annuity for years to come.

We have attached a copy of the spreadsheet that depicts various construction period fee sources as well as the 30-year revenue projection that totals approximately $14 million. Discounted at the Town’s current bond rate, the project nets the town $8.1 million of benefit at the completion of the construction phase, effectively a payment to the town of $8 million. Additionally, the developer has offered the Town a linkage payment of $1 million resulting in a total value to the town of $9 million. The linkage payment may be deployed in any manner the Town deems appropriate.

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